SEAT Arona Dimensions Guide

SEAT Arona Dimensions Guide

So you’re looking to lease a SEAT Arona, but you need to know whether your family will fit in the car and your luggage will fit in the boot?

Well we’ve put together this helpful guide to show you all the important sizes and dimensions that you need to know before making the SEAT Arona your new car.

seat arona dimensions

Exterior Dimensions

Based on the excellent SEAT Ibiza, the Arona is unsurprisingly larger in all departments, as an SUV should be. It’s 4,138mm in length, which is only 8cm longer than the Ibiza so you shouldn’t be worried about it being difficult to park.

Concerns around parking are eased even further when you realise that at 1,780mm it’s actually slimmer than the SEAT Leon.

As you would expect from a small SUV, it is 10cm taller than the Ibiza at a height of 1,552mm. Its wheelbase is 2,556mm.

seat arona exterior front quarter

Interior Dimensions

If you’re looking a leasing a small SUV, you’re going to expect a little more space inside than you would get with a regular hatchback. That’s exactly what you get with the Arona.

seat arona interior front

In the front, you’ll find there’s plenty of head and legroom for the tallest drivers to feel comfortable and the higher seats offer an elevated driving position, as well as making it easy to get out of the car.

seat arona interior rear

Moving into the back of the car, rear headroom is generous, which should allow passengers over six foot to travel in comfort. Rear legroom is also sufficient to allow taller passengers to travel good distances without having to adjust their position too often. The seats are wide enough to allow three adults to sit comfortably in the back of the car.

Boot Space

seat arona boot space

The Arona’s boot space is generous at 400 litres with the seats up. This is a substantial 45 litres more than the Ibiza and is larger than both the Nissan Juke and Hyundai Kona so you’ll have plenty of space for a car full of people and a boot full of luggage.

If you need a bit more space, the rear seat can easily be lowered to increase the boot capacity to an impressive 823 litres, according to SEAT’s measurements. Not only does this compare favourably to many of its rivals, the Arona’s height-adjustable boot floor that is fitted as standard to all their models allows for easy loading and unloading without the obstruction of a raised lip.

With a turning circle of 10.6m, which is the same as the Ibiza, the Arona is easy to manoeuvre in tighter spaces and outperforms many of its rivals, such as the BMW X2 and Skoda Kodiaq.

If you’re looking at towing a caravan or trailer with your Arona, you’ll be pleased to learn that it has a towing capacity of between 1,100kg and 1,200kg, making it ideal for towing smaller caravans.

At 40 litres, the Arona’s fuel tank capacity is adequate and, when coupled with its solid fuel economy, should result in fewer trips to the pumps.

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