Best Hybrid Car Leasing Deals 2018

Best Hybrid Car Leasing Deals 2018

With fuel prices rising seemingly by the day and the Government announcing that they will look to ban the sale of all cars that run exclusively on petrol or diesel by 2040, more and more are looking to hybrid or fully electric cars as a viable replacement.

Many manufacturers are now producing hybrid versions of their popular models, or introducing entirely new models to their range in order to satisfy the growing demand for these type of cars.

We have some fantastic lease deals available for some of the best hybrid cars and, to help you choose your next car, we’ve put together this list of what we think are the best hybrid car leasing deals in 2018.

Suzuki Ignis SHVS

suzuki ignis shvs hybrid

The Suzuki Ignis SHVS is a petrol hybrid capable of 65.7mpg, giving you fantastic fuel economy at a great price whilst only producing 97g/km CO2 emissions. We have Suzuki Ignis lease deals available from less than £180 per month for the 1.2 SHVS.

Available for less than £190 per month, the Ignis SHVS AllGrip adds four-wheel-drive, turning the Ignis into a capable off-roader whilst still managing to return a very healthy 60.1mpg.

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Suzuki Swift SHVS

suzuki swift shvs hybrid

Echoing the options on its sister, the Ignis, the superb Suzuki Swift is available in a 1.2 SHVS petrol hybrid capable of returning 65.7mpg whilst also producing only 97g/km CO2 emissions. We have lease deals avaiable from less than £165 a month.

If you are looking for something a little different, Suzuki also make the Swift available with its excellent AllGrip four-wheel-drive system. The 1.2 SHVS AllGrip will return 62.8mpg and we have Suzuki Swift lease deals available from less than £180 per month.

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Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

hyundai ioniq hybrid

One of the innovators of automotive hybrid technology, the Hyundai Ioniq has improved with each facelift. Now available as either a diesel hybrid, plug-in hybrid or with a fully electric powertain, we have Hyundai Ioniq lease deals starting from less than £200 per month.

The 1.6 GDI diesel hybrid Ioniq is capable of returning 83.1mpg, which is bound to be very kind on your wallet, especially with the recent fuel price increases hitting motorists hard. The diesel hybrid produces 79g/km CO2 emissions so it’s good for the environment too. Our deals for the diesel hybrid start at less than £200 per month.

However, if you want the plug-in diesel hybrid, which combines a normal diesel engine with an electric motor, you’ll enjoy fuel economy of up to a staggering 256.8mpg whilst CO2 emissions plummet to just 26g/km! Our deals for the diesel plug-in hybrid Ioniq start at less than £350 per month.

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Kia Optima PHEV

kia optima phev

The Kia Optima is a great alternative to similar saloons such as the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia as not only is it a superb car, you also benefit from Kia’s unrivalled 7-year warranty.

Adding to its diesel-engined range, the Optima is also available as a plug-in diesel hybrid capable of achieving 176.6mpg whilst only producing 37g/km CO2 emissions. Our lease deals for this Kia Optima hybrid start at less than £295 per month.

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Ford Mondeo Hybrid

ford mondeo hybrid

A perennially popular car with families and business people alike, the Ford Mondeo is a common sight on our roads for a very good reason - it’s an excellent car that successfully combines comfort, performance and economy.

With a hybrid version of the car now available, drivers looking to move away from pure diesel or petrol engines can now enjoy everything the Mondeo has to offer, only with an improved fuel economy of up to 70.6mpg and lower CO2 emissions of just 108g/km. We have Ford Mondeo lease deals available from less than £230 per month.

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Kia Optima Sportwagon PHEV

kia optima sportwagon hybrid

For those of you needing a little more space, Kia offer the same plug-in diesel hybrid engine in their Sportwagon estate.

The estate version will achieve a little more in terms of fuel economy, with the Sportwagon capable of 201.8mpg whilst producing even lower CO2 emissions of 33g/km. You can lease a Kia Optima Sportwagon from less than £295 per month.

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Kia Niro PHEV

kia niro hybrid

Small SUVs are becoming more and more popular and there are few better than that Kia Niro. Available as both a diesel hybrid and plug-in diesel hybrid, the Niro delivers on looks and economy.

You can lease a Kia Niro diesel hybrid from less than £165 per month. The diesel hybrid version will achieve as much as 74.3mpg whilst only producing 88g/km of CO2.

If you want the plug-in diesel hybrid version which will achieve a fuel economy of up to 217.3mpg with CO2 emissions of only 29g/km. We have lease deals starting at less than £240.49.

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

mitsubishi outlander phev

Who says that off-roaders can’t be kinder to the environment? With CO2 emissions of only 41g/km, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a great alternative to off-road 4x4s with more traditional powertrains.

The Outlander PHEV is capable of achieving fuel economy of up to 166mpg, making it incredibly economical for such a large car. In fact, the car is capable of travelling up to 33 miles on the batteries alone. This means that the school run and weekly shopping trips could be done without using any petrol at all!

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With manufacturers adding hybrid or fully electric cars to their lineups all the time, expect us to be constantly increasing the number of hybrid car leasing deals we have available, so make sure to keep checking back or give our team a call on 01405 744 171 and they’ll help you to find the best hybrid car lease deal for your circumstances.